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We guarantee the highest quality editing. The editing and formatting requirements for each journal can be quite diverse. We provide services tailored to fit each particular journal. Not only do we ensure that your manuscript will be error free and well written, we also ensure that it will meet the editing and formatting standards of your specific target journal.

What type of editing should I expect?

Your allotted editor will correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. He or she will also improve the flow of your paper, eliminate any awkward sentences or phrasing, and ensure that the writing is clear and concise while meeting the formatting requirements of the targeted journal. Editors leave comments for the client to provide further guidance and insight. Once the project has been completed, the manuscript will be ready for submission to the review board of the directed journal.

How will I know what changes have been made in my manuscript?

Our editors use the track changes feature in Microsoft Word to clearly highlight the suggested improvements to the document. Comments are placed in the margins to provide further guidance and suggestions.

How do I calculate the word count?

The word count function in MS Word 2007 can be found under the Tools heading; in contrast, it can be found under the Review tab in MS Word 2010.

How long does it take to edit and proofread an article?

It takes a maximum of 3 days for articles and 14 days for thesis (about 70,000 words). However, we are ready to proofread your manuscript in less than 3 days if you so wish, but will require higher cost due to the short turnaround time.

Do you accept hard copies of work for editing and proofreading?

No, we only accept papers (articles and theses) as email attachment.

How much does it cost to proofread an article?

We charge $25 for every 1000 words, but shorter turnaround time would require $50 for every 1000 words.

How much does it cost to translate an article?

We charge $50 for every 1000 words.

How soon will you return my paper?

Papers will be returned within three (3) days for a short piece of work (e.g. a 10,000 word essay). A voluminous work (e.g. a 70,000 word thesis) will be returned within 7 - 14 days.

Is my manuscript safe?

Our editors sign confidentiality agreements when they join our staff. The confidentiality of your research is one of our highest priorities.

How do I make a payment for my article?

We offer three options for submitting a payment. When you submit your manuscript, you can pay using either our online payment platform via PayPal or international credit card (MASTER, VISA, etc), or you can make a wire transfer directly from your bank account.